The Hong Kong Association of Medical Laboratories Limited (HKAML) is an organization for the advancement of medical laboratories in Hong Kong. The association was formed in 2002. Members of the association are laboratories, not individuals.

Ordinary (full) members include private medical laboratory companies, which must have an appointed registered Part 1 MLT Director representative for their lab. This complies with the HK Gov SMPO Chapter 359 Ordinance for our profession.

Other members include:

Associate members – These are primarily private hospital laboratories.

Corporate members – These are suppliers of laboratory products.
  • To provide a means of communication between private laboratories themselves, and between other related organizations such as the HKMLT Board, the Hospital Authority (HA), Department of Health (DH), other associations and medically related professions both in HK and China, as well as a spokesperson to the public.
  • A platform for members to work together and to uphold the highest professional standards for the betterment of the profession and public health care.



  • To provide continuing education as a CPD provider to medical laboratory professionals
  • To encourage high quality and consistency in testing amongst members
  • To provide product provider members a chance to market services to all members
  • To promote cooperation's with other professional organizations and other professions
  • To provide an information network for medical laboratory professionals
  • To ultimately improve and maintain laboratory standards to benefit doctors, their patients and the community